Each winter research season at Laguna San Ignacio we collect new observations, take photo-identification data on gray whales, and keep field notes and write reports that present our findings to the community and fellow researchers. If you’re looking for posts on specific marine life, or a retrospective report from a previous year, then our Research Blog is the place to start. Our Publications section houses various published materials by topic, and has been archived back to the early 1980s. We’re constantly using digital photography to document our activities, the wildlife and the ecology of the lagoon, and we post these in our gallery, giving you an intimate view of some of the most amazing creatures that call Laguna San Ignacio home.

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Every season reveals something new about the ecosystem around us. Explore our research blog and discover our findings through current and archived research and reports.

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The Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program has been publishing reports since the early 1980s in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Browse our publications to see how the ecosystem and surrounding community have evolved and changed.

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