2009 Winter Program Field Report

Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program (LSIESP) Preliminary Field Report for 2009

The Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program (LSIESP) began the 2009 winter season with the arrival of the gray whale research Team at the lagoon on 17 January. The 2009 gray whale Team is led by Steven Swartz (CRA), Jorge Urbán (UABCS), and Alejandro Gómez Guallardo U. (UABCS) and includes five researchers and graduate students from universities in Mexico: Sergio Martínez (UABCS), Hiram Nanduca (UNAM), Anaid Lopez Urbán (UNAM), Ana Liria Del Monte Madrigal (UABCS), Maurico Nájara Caballero (CICIMAR), and Héctor Pérez Puig (CICESE). The Team will remain at the lagoon until the end of the 2009 gray whale winter season in early April.

The LSIESP Acoustic Research group was led again in 2009 by Aaron Thode, and included Melania Guerra, Delphine Mathias, and Anaid Lopez Urbán.

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