LSIESP Community Reunion 2009

The LSIESP researchers held the Third Annual Community “Reunion” at the Kuyimita campground on 28 February 2009. The Reunion brought together representatives from the Eco-Tourism Companies, fishermen, panga drivers, naturalists, and local residents to review the current LSIESP research activities in the lagoon, updates on climate change impacts on gray whales and other marine species, and plans for future research and community activities. Steven Swartz updated the participants on the current abundance of the Eastern North Pacific gray whale population as estimated by the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, and counts of gray whales in the Laguna San Ignacio over the past three years. Jorge Urban reviewed the topics and papers from the Workshop on gray whales and their responses to climate change which was held in conjunction with the American Cetacean Society’s Biennial Conference last November in Monterey, California.

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