UAV Drone’s Eye View of Gray Whales

“Skinny” Gray Whales Attempting to Feed In Laguna San Ignacio 2020

Bottlenose Dolphins in Laguna San Ignacio 2020

Baby Gray Whale Born in Laguna San Ignacio 2020

UAV-Drone Photogrammetry Assesses Gray Whale Body Condition & Growth in LSI 2020

Attaching D-Tags to Record Gray Whale Fine-Scale Behavior

Another Gray Whale Saved in Laguna San Ignacio

Mystery Whale

Single gray whales in Bahia Magdalena, B.C.S., Mexico

Sergio Martinez’s Wonders of Laguna San Ignacio

Steven meets a Gray whale mother and calf

Gray whale mother and calf in Bahia Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexico

WWF Interview with Steven Swartz – March 2012

“Curious” gray whale approaches researchers in Laguna San Ignacio, B.C.S., Mexico